Celem projektu jest opracowanie i rozwój innowacyjnej w skali świata
technologii wizyjnej wykorzystującej zestaw kilku kamer do obrazowania powierzchni bocznej obiektów cylindrycznych i stożkowych.

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Our LabVIEW Add-ons

We use LabVIEW as our main programming environment to quickly implement results of R&D phase into ready to use product.
If you are LabVIEW developer, check our LabVIEW addons (more coming soon).


Magic Button Maker

Magic Button Maker is a little LabVIEW addon that helps you to create buttons with custom icons. Simply specify a path or URL to the icon image and create button with a single click.


Magic Connector Linker

Magic Connector Linker is a little LabVIEW add-on that speeds up arduous process of building connector pane. Replace all precise clicks necessary to do this properly (“This connection is…”) with just a few.

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